Friday, July 3, 2020


Mark Harris has been a horror fan for over 20 years, and started the website in 2005. As a freelance writer since 2003, he has written for publications such as,, Napster, THEiNDI Magazine, and Ugly Planet, as well as the head writer for the Chicago-based horror television show Midnite Screams. He has been a member of the Online Film Critics Society since 2009 and currently has over 400 horror movies in his Netflix queue.
Black Holler

Black Holler (2017)

Remember all those slasher movies back in the '80s that featured a black "final girl" vanquishing the unstoppable psychopathic killer during the nail-biting, climactic finale? Me neither. Lucky for...
The Clearing

The Clearing (2020)

It wasn’t too long ago (2013, to be exact) that a Cheerios commercial entitled “Just Checking” made national headlines for sparking a torrent of racial hatred online over its...
Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out

40 Horror Movies About Black-White Race Relations

Horror movies tend to be thought of as hollow entertainment, but horror has a long history of addressing heavy social issues, whether directly or through symbolic or allegorical means....
Body Cam

Body Cam (2020)

As incidents of racial profiling and police brutality continue to make headlines, Body Cam -- the Mary J. Blige vehicle about an entity haunting police officers involved in the...
Pooka Lives movie poster

Pooka Lives! (2020)

Pooka! was the third entry in Hulu’s Into the Dark series of holiday-themed horror movies, and nearly 20 editions in, it remains the best IMO. It also features the...
The Good Wifey (Guardian of Eden) movie

The Good Wifey (AKA Guardian of Eden) (2012)

Originally titled Guardian of Eden, The Good Wifey changed its name presumably to capitalize on the success of the TV show The Good Wife, even though the first title...
Karma movie poster

Karma (2018)

A third generation of Van Peebles van peebles his way through this SyFy movie about the misdeeds of the past coming back to haunt you. Maybe this is the...
Leaf Blower Massacre 2

Leaf Blower Massacre 2 (2018)

Leaf Blower Massacre 2 is exactly what it sounds like: a sequel to a movie about someone killing people with a leaf blower. Not coincidentally, Leaf Blower Massacre 2,...
Into the Dark: Crawlers

Crawlers (2020)

Aside from being a reliable source of quality holiday horror entertainment over the past year and a half, Hulu’s feature film anthology series Into the Dark has low-key become...
Fatima's Revenge

Fatima’s Revenge (2018)

Because pain often fuels creativity, one of the unintentionally positive consequences of the Trump administration's weaponization of intolerance, impropriety and disinformation is that it has provided plenty of fodder...