Friday, January 24, 2020

Movie Reviews

Reviews of primarily American movies featuring actors and actresses of Black / African-American descent in the horror-movie, slasher, gore, supernatural and related spooky film genres.

House of Wax movie poster
Poor Blake (Robert Ri'chard). First, he decides to take a "short cut" to the big football game. Then, he has to make out with Paris Hilton, whose breath no doubt smells of penis. Next, it turns out she might be pregnant (He is black after all; he can't help...
Hanah's Gift horror movie poster
Hanah's Gift is an ambitious little film that pits a pair of age-old mortal enemies once more at each other's throat: angry black women and mute, autistic Hispanic girls. Yes, it's that tired formula AGAIN. Hanah (Alina Herrera) is an autistic six year old who doesn't speak and lives in...