What New Horror Movies Come Out This Week?

New Horror/Suspense Films and TV Shows in Theaters, on Demand and on DVD/Blu-ray

Week of February 23-29:

1. The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

Trapped in a violent, controlling relationship with a wealthy and brilliant scientist, Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) escapes in the dead of night and disappears into hiding, aided by her sister (Harriet Dyer), their childhood friend (Aldis Hodge) and his teenage daughter (Storm Reid). But when Cecilia’s abusive ex (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) commits suicide and leaves her a generous portion of his vast fortune, Cecilia suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of eerie coincidences turns lethal, threatening the lives of those she loves, Cecilia’s sanity begins to unravel as she desperately tries to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see.

2. Alien Domicile 2: Lot 24

Alien Domicile 2: Lot 24

Rachel has mixed emotions about being invited to go camping. While she looks forward to the time away, she is aware that this is the same lot 24, where Uncle went missing. After arriving at the site, Rachel and her friends realize that something is not quite right.

3. The Astrologer

The Astrologer

Cult writer/director James Glickenhaus (The Exterminator) made his feature debut with this bizarre tale of government skullduggery, satanic killings, zodiacal mayhem and messianic horror. AKA Suicide Cult.

4. The Beast and the Magic Sword

The Beast and the Magic Sword

The last great film from Spanish horror legend Paul Naschy. Although he would go on making and planning films until his death in 2009, he never again attempted the epic sweep and grandeur of this 10th entry into the saga of Waldemar Daninsky, a man afflicted by the curse of lycanthropy. In this film we get for the first time an origin story of how the Daninsky curse began back in the 10th century. We then move forward to 16th century Japan where Daninsky has travelled in search of a cure to his affliction. Co-starring Japanese stage and screen veteran Shigeru Amachi, and shot in the studios of Toshiro Mifune, this is a highly successful and colorful melding of European werewolf legends and dark Japanese fantasy.

5. Blood River

Blood River

On their way to a weekend concert Todd Remington and his college friends make a horrible mistake when they pick up a mysterious hitchhiker named Annabella. They soon realize there is something strange about their new passenger. With her flawless beauty that seduces men and women alike, she also knows things that are impossible to know. After their car breaks down, Annabella lures them to Blood River, a town not found on any map, where the townspeople live in fear and no one dares walk the streets at night. As the group beds down at the local boarding house an unspeakable horror awakens beneath the floorboards, and evil creatures ravenous for blood emerge seeking new prey…

6. The Candy Snatchers

The Candy Snatchers

Candy, a teenage heiress to a large fortune, is kidnapped by a trio of small time criminals on her way home from Catholic school. After burying her alive in an unmarked grave, the trio attempts to extort Candy’s father, a wealthy jeweler, for a hefty ransom. But, what seemed like a simple, straightforward kidnapping soon spirals out of control with violent consequences and Candy’s only hope for survival is a young mute boy who knows where she is buried.

7. Color Out of Space

Color Out of Space

After a meteorite lands in the front yard of their farm, Nathan Gardner (Nicolas Cage) and his family find themselves battling a mutant extraterrestrial organism as it infects their minds and bodies, transforming their quiet rural life into a technicolor nightmare. Directed by Richard Stanley (Dust Devil, Hardware).

8. Deadly Manor

Deadly Manor

An old, dark house… A maniac on the loose… An orgy of bloodlust! All the hallmarks of late master of Spanish macabre José Ramón Larraz (Edge of the Axe, Vampyres) are present and correct in 1990 s Deadly Manor — the final horror movie from one of the genre’s most unheralded filmmakers. Whilst en route to a lake, a group of youngsters make an unscheduled stop-off at a remote, seemingly abandoned mansion where they plan to spend the night. But the property is full of foreboding signs — a blood-stained car wreck in the garden, coffins in the basement, scalps in the closet, and photographs of a beautiful but mysterious woman adorning every corner of the house. Before daybreak, the group will unwittingly uncover the strange and terrifying truth that lurks behind the walls of this dreadful place. Released on VHS in the US under the title Savage Lust, this slice-n-dicer is now finally unearthed for the first time on Blu-ray.

9. El Esqueleto De La Senora Morales AKA Skeleton of Mrs. Morales

El Esqueleto De La Senora Morales AKA Skeleton of Mrs. Morales

The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (El Esqueleto de la señora Morales) is a 1960 Mexican black comedy film adapted from horror master Arthur Machen’s 1927 story The Islington Mystery by screenwriter Luis Alcoriza, a frequent collaborator of Luis Buñuel. It is regarded by critics as one of the hundred best Mexican films of all time. It tells the tale of quiet taxidermist Pablo Morales, who suffers the demands of his prudish and hypochondriac wife Gloria. After twenty years of a hellish marriage, he decides to murder her. Over the top performances and an ironic, final twist make this film by Rogelio A. González a timeless satire of weepy melodramas.

10. Flesh-Eating Mothers

Flesh-Eating Mothers

Something strange is happening to the mothers in a small town in upstate New York… Small and subtle changes appear at first, but soon the women are transformed into deranged, demented, and cannibalistic FLESH-EATING MOTHERS. With no one safe from ending up as a key ingredient in the next tupperware party luncheon, it’s up to the town’s young people to uncover the shocking truth behind the carnage and put an end to it once and for all, especially as dinner time approaches.

11. Gappa: The Triphibian Monster

Gappa: The Triphibian Monster

Originally released directly to U.S. television in 1968 as The Monster From A Prehistoric Planet (in a badly panned and scanned format), Gappa unfolds on a serene tropical island paradise untouched by modern civilization and technology where a dark secret lies dormant for centuries. When a greedy business tycoon has grandiose plans to turn the island into the world s largest resort and amusement park, a team of scientists stumble upon a mysterious dinosaur egg. When the egg hatches, Gappa is born — a mythical giant reptilian bird that the indigenous island people worship as a god. Seeing dollar signs, the tycoon hurriedly ships the baby monster to Tokyo for commercial exploitation. Little does he know that the much larger, irate parents of the infant Gappa follow close behind to rescue their precious baby and wreak havoc upon monster-plagued Tokyo!

12. Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo AKA Even The Wind Is Afraid

Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo AKA Even The Wind Is Afraid

Terrifying tale about a group of college students, led by Claudia, a young girl who decides to investigate a creepy tower at her all girl boarding school…that has figured prominently in disturbing reoccurring dreams Claudia has been having. The dream also consists of a hanged woman’s body. They are suspended from the school for the antics, but Claudia learns from one of the female staff members that the person in the dream is a student who killed herself years before, and that the school principal knows the situation more than she’s willing to admit. It seems the tormented and restless spirit is hell-bent on enacting her revenge.

13. Hole


Ed Kunkle is a convicted felon tormented by his own demons. Eve Adams is a single woman trying to cope with a tragic loss. Bodie Jameson is a homicide detective looking for answers. All three lives will intertwine with disturbing, deadly consequences.

14. Nesting Dolls

Nesting Dolls

Nesting Dolls is a psychological thriller about the darker sides of us that can lie just beneath the surface. Tori, Britt, and Erica are sorority sisters who spend a week together at a river house. When near-catastrophe strikes the three are forced against one another as sisters turn to enemies and their humanity and sanity spirals.

15. Old Blood: Flamel’s Legacy

Old Blood: Flamel's Legacy

In order to retain their immortality, a nest of vampires is dependent on the formula of alchemist Perenelle Flamel. But when Perenelle’s first and favorite among her brood brings home a more modern alchemist it sparks a conflict with the traditionalist “Old Blood” vampires, who take a dangerous interest in this new breed of artificially sustained undead.

16. One Missed Call Trilogy

One Missed Call Trilogy

An iconic trilogy of J-horror films comes to Blu-ray for the first time! Tapping into the same brand of terror as the Ring and Grudge movies, visionary director Takashi Miike (Audition) presents a modern, high-tech twist on that mainstay of Japanese folklore, the yurei or vengeful spirit, in the form of its own iconic antihero the terrifying Mimiko.

17. Pet Sematary Two: Collector’s Edition

Pet Sematary Two: Collector's Edition

The town of Ludlow is in for some new, grave surprises…Sometimes dead is better. But the shocking terror that plagued Ludlow, Maine, in Pet Sematary is still very much alive in this sequel to the 1989 hit film. After the death of his wife, veterinarian Chase Matthews (Anthony Edwards) and his 13-year-old son, Jeff (Edward Furlong), move to Ludlow to rebuild their lives. Antagonized by the neighborhood kids, Jeff befriends another outsider, Drew Gilbert, who lives in fear of his cruel stepfather, Gus (Clancy Brown). After Gus cold-bloodedly shoots Drew’s beloved dog, the boys bury the body in the local Indian burial grounds – a place rumored to have the powers of resurrection. But when evil is awakened, the boys realize that sometimes you should just let dead dogs lie.

18. Portae Infernales

Portae Infernales

The horror-anthology is an Austrian production that consists of three episodes: “Agonia,” “The Brotherhood” and “Inhumanity.” Episode 1, “Inhumanity”: Kaj, a young man plagued by inner demons, decides to take revenge on the people who have once tormented him. At the top of the list is Kaj’s class teacher Prof. Böhler. Episode 2, “The Brotherhood”: Three students fall into the clutches of a mysterious professor who is the leader of a secret Satanic circle. Episode 3, “Agonia”: Lisa is kidnapped by men on the street in broad daylight, and is henceforth kept on a chain as their plaything for sexual and sadistic desires. After a much suffering, a supernatural event changes things around.

19. Savage Island

Savage Island

In this 2004 film, Julia Young and Steven Harris are having marital troubles, but on a weekend trip to visit Julia’s family on the remote Savage Island, marital problems quickly become the least of their worries. An intense struggle between the Young and the Savage families, the only residents living on the island, takes thrills and chills to a whole new and disturbing level. The Savages, a bunch that take the terms ‘hillbilly’, and ‘hick’ to a new frontier, are out to claim Steven and Julia’s baby as payment for the death of their own son who was accidentally run over by Julia’s pot-head younger brother.

20. The Shadow Walkers

The Shadow Walkers

A group of young researchers and military personnel uncover a hive of twisted, genetic mutants that stalk them from the shadows. Now these brave few must destroy the monsters that helped create–before more people are killed and devoured.

21. Spookies


After their car breaks down, a group of travelers find themselves stranded in a remote part of New England. After taking shelter in a spooky old mansion, complete with a graveyard, they discover a ouija board and decide to spend the night attempting to summon some spirits. But the group soon learns that playing with the forces of black magic isn’t fun and games, and it’s not long before they’re head-to-head with all sorts of demonic creatures, shape shifters, and other forms of evil, all of whom are more than happy to pick them off in the most gruesome of ways.

22. The Theatre of Terror

The Theatre of Terror

When Amber answers a call for volunteers to save a mysterious movie palace, she discovers she is too late. The landmark theatre has already closed. While there she meets the eccentric Colin who insists on taking her for a tour of the once grand auditorium. Inside, Amber cannot resist staying to watch a few short stories. What she doesn’t realize is that these tales of terror are more than just fantasy and this theatre is more than just an old movie house.

23. Zombie Island Massacre

Zombie Island Massacre

A group of Americans, on what they assumed would be a relaxing and fun-filled vacation in the Caribbean, soon find themselves trapped in the island wilderness after their tour bus breaks down. Alone and stranded, the group begin to fall prey to an unknown, voodoo mask wearing assailant who bumps them off in various nasty ways, ranging from decapitation and evisceration, to impalement. As the surviving members of the group frantically search for help, they begin to suspect that not all of them might be who they claim they are, and that one of them might be a cold-blooded killer.

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24. Zombie Rampage 2

Zombie Rampage 2

The long-awaited follow up to Todd Sheets’ seminal 1989 shot-on-video splatterfest is finally here. Using newly-unearthed footage from his aborted sequel to the VHS hit, Sheets has overseen the completion of the gore-soaked second installment in his zombie filmography that was thought lost forever.