Black Horror


Actor Movie Year Die? Mabowe, David Half-Caste 2004 N Mabry, Akasha Vault, The 2000 Y MacBride, Marsha New York Ripper, The 1982 N Macer, Sterling Jr. Beast, The 1996   Night Terror 1989 Mack, Gene Body Parts 1991   In the Mouth of Madness 1995   Land of the Dead 2005 N   Survivor 1999 Mack, Jalene Street Tales of Terror 2004 N Mack 10 Cutthroat Alley 2003 Y   Halloween House Party 2005 MacLachlan, Janet Pinocchio’s Revenge 1996 N Madyun, Aaliyah All Wrapped Up 2007     Death Plots 2005     Hoodoo for Voodoo 2006 Y Magwase, Simo Shark Attack 1999 N Mahmud-Bey, Shiek Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood 2003 Y Mahoney, Louis Curse of the Voodoo 1965 N   Omen III: The Final Conflict 1981 Y   Plague of the Zombies 1966 N Makgoba, Jacob Prey 2007 Y   Shark Attack 1999 Y Makhathini, Lulu Shark Attack 1999 N Malco, Romany Urban Menace 1999 N Malema, Gabriel Primeval 2007 N Malinga, Kwesi Shark Attack 1999 N Malis, Cy Soul of a Monster 1944 Malone, A. Jay Petey Wheatstraw 1978 Malt, Mr. Blood Car 2007 Y Mamabolo, Barbara 5ive Girls 2006 Y   Revelation 1999   Mandeville, Leopoldo Vault, The 2000 Y Mankuma, Blu Bone Daddy 1998 N   Creature 1998 N   Intensity 1997   Stepfather, The 1987 N   Watchers 1988 Y Manley, Andre M. Embalmer 1996 Y Manns, Gregor Urban Decay 2007   Mansker, Eric Leprechaun in the Hood 2000   Prophecy 1979   Thing, The 1982 Mannen, Monique Fear, The 1995 Y Manuel, Angel Zombie Strippers 2008 Y Marble, Geraldine Soul Vengeance 1975 N Marble, Holiday Soul Vengeance 1975 N Marbury, Kariem Are You Scared 2006 Y Marcos, Lisa Threshold 2003 Y Marcus, Dominic Basket Case 2 1990     Frankenhooker 1990 N Mardis, Terrence Holla If You Hear Me 2006 N Marie, Jo House on Skull Mountain, The 1974 N Marie, Kandiss Bloodz vs. Wolvez 2006 Y Marks, Lee Killjoy 2000 N Marsh, Toni Chilren of the Corn IV 1996 Y Marshall, Don Thing With Two Heads, The 1972 N Marshall, William Abby 1974 N   Blacula 1972 Y   Curtains 1983   Scream Blacula Scream 1973 Y   Sorceress 1995 N Marsman, Darren Dawn of the Dead 2004 Y   Resurrection 1999 N Martin, Dan Crocodile 2 2002 Y   Earth vs. the Spider 2001   Groom Lake 2002   Leprechaun in the Hood 2000 Y   Sleepwalkers 1992 Y   Stand, The 1994   Martin, Duane Faculty, THe 1998 N   Scream 2 1997 N Martin, D’Urville Rosemary’s Baby 1968     Zebra Killer, The 1974 N Martin, Helen Kiss the Girls 1997   Night Angel 1990 N   Wacko 1981 Martin, Jesse Wells Voodoo Curse: The Giddeh 2006 N Martin, Juliet Twisted Nightmare 1987 Martin, Tanjareen Halloween House Party 2005 Mascitti, Iolanda Nude for Satan 1974 Masha, Tumisho Red Water 2003 N Massey, Anisha Vault, The 2000 Y Master P Don’t Be Scared 2006 N   Scary Movie 3 2003 Y Mathieu, Tenique Comatose 2005   Matshikiza, John Dust Devil 1992 N Matthews, Al Aliens 1986 Y   Omen III 1981 N   Sender, The 1982 Matthews, Dawn Snake Island 2002 Y Maxie, Judith Disturbing Behavior 1998     Resurrected, The 1992 N   They Nest 2000 May, Shaun Bloodz vs. Wolvez 2006     Zombiez 2005   Mayes, Norman I Walked With a Zombie 1943 N   Zombies on Broadway 1945 N Mayhand, Ernest Petey Wheatstraw 1978 Mbebe, Dumisani Primeval 2007 Y McBride, Chi Frighteners, The 1996 Y McCall, Ronald Skeleton Key, The 2005 Y McCants, Reed R. Spirit Lost 1996 N Mccarty, Richard Frankenthug 2005 Y McClain, Billy Black Moon 1934 N McClure, Kandyse Carrie 2002 N   Return to Cabin By the Lake 2001 N McCollum, Damone Hood Rat 2001 N Mccoy, Andre Cryptz 2002 N   Doomed 2007 Y   Shira: The Vampire Samurai 2005   Wounded, The 2003 N Mccrey, Maxine Fight for Your Life 1977 N McCurry, John Jaws of Satan 1981 N   Wolfen 1981 Y McDaniel, Etta Invisible Ray, The 1936   King Kong 1933   Son of Dracula 1943 N McDaniel, Hattie Murder By Television 1935 N McDaniel, James Living Hell 2008 N McDaniel, Sam Ghost and the Guest, THe 1943   Son of Dracula 1943 N McDowelle, Tina Mustang Sally’s Horror House 2006 Y McDuffie, Robert Dressed to Kill 1980 N McEachin, James Dead Don’t Die, The 1975   Play Misty for Me 1971 N McFadden, Reggie Jacob’s Ladder 1990 N McFall, Anika C. Camp Slaughter 2005   McFarlane, Colin Fragile 2005   McGee, Bobby Tales from the Hood 1995 N McGee, Gwen Frailty 2001 N   Helter Skelter 2004     Wishmaster 2 1999   McGee, Trina Madness 2006 McGee, Vonetta Blacula 1972 Y   Norliss Tapes, The 1973 Y McGhee, Brownie Angel Heart 1987 Y McIntosh, Yanna Rats, The 2002 N McKay, David Bugged 1997 Y McKenzie, Bill H. Skeleton Key, The 2005 Y McKenzie, Isis Guardian of the Realm 2004 Y McKenzie, Mary J. Todd House on Skull Mountain, The 1976 Y McKenzie, Russell B. Panic Button 2007 Y McKinney, Nina Mae Devil’s Daughter, The 1939 N McKnight, David J.D.’s Revenge 1976 Y McLaren, Brandon Jay Hybrid 2007 N   Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 2004     Yeti 2008 N McMillan, Cory Ice Spiders 2007 N McMillan, Dawn Carnosaur 1993 Y McMurtry, Irvetta Hood Rat 2001 N McNair, Barbara Paroxismus 1969 McNeil, Jemal T. Ragdoll 1999 N McQueen, Armelia Carmilla 1990   Nightmare Classics 1989 McQuirter, Gerald Evil One, The 2005 N Medley, Troy Ragdoll 1999 Y Meeks, Noah Island Claws 1980 Mensah, Peter Bless the Child 2000 N   Bruiser 2000 N   Jason X 2001 Y Mercer, Mae Frogs 1972 y Mercury, Jason Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming 2007 N Merdis, Thomas Greenskeeper, the 2002     Hood Rat 2001 N   Pulse 3: Invasion 2008 Y Merkerson, S. Epatha Jacob’s Ladder 1990 N Mess, Aline Devil Hunter 1980 Y   Diamonds of Kilimandjaro 1983 N Method Man Scary Movie 3 2003 Y   Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror 2007 N   Venom 2005 Y Meyer, Bradley Shark Attack 1999 N Mfume, Michael Ax ’em 1993 N Michael, Christopher Boa 2002 Y   Hollywood Horror 2006   Michaels, Shannon Chop Shop 2007 N Micheaux, Nicki Prophecy II, The 1998 Michelle, Janee House on Skull Mountain, The 1973 N   Mephisto Waltz, The 1971   Scream, Blacula, Scream 1973 Y Michelle, Michael Creature 1998 N   Def By Temptation 1990 N Middleton, Cevin Anna’s Eve 2007 N Miles, Rosalind I Spit on your Corpse 1972 Y Milian, Christina Pulse 2006 Y Miller, F.E. Lucky Ghost 1941 N Miller, Owen Realms of BLood 2004   Miller, Tangi Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood 2003 N   Phantom Force 2004 N Mills, Sherri Evil One, The 2005 N Mims, Roxzane T. REmnant, The 2001 N Minniefield, Al Soul Vengeance 1975 N Minor, Bob Dead On: Relentless II 1992 N   Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde 1976 N   Innocent Blood 1992 N   J.D.’s Revenge 1976 N   Judge and Jury 1986 Y   Scream, Blacula, Scream 1973 Y   White Dog 1982 N Minor, Mary Abby 1974 N   Zebra Killer, The 1974 N Minter, Kelly Jo Lost Boys 1987   Nightmare on Elm Street 5, A 1989 N   People Under the Stairs, The 1991 N   Popcorn 1991 N Mitchell, Don Scream, Blacula, Scream 2003 N Mitchell, Kel Nite Tales 2007     Two Heads Are Better Than None 2000 N Mitchell, Kim Carnivore 2000 N Mitchell, Lizan Final Patient, The 2005 N Mitchell, Teebone Monster Mountain 2007     Mustang Sally’s Horror House 2006 N Mokae, Zakes Body Parts 1991   Dust Devil 1992 Y   Island, The 1980 N   Serpent and the Rainbow, The 1988 Y   Vampire in Brooklyn 1995 N Moldowan, Brittany Bones 2001 N Moldowan, Marcus Bones 2001 N Mondesir, Merwin Bones 2001 Y   Godsend 2004   Lost Boys: The Tribe 2008   Mongo Nightwatch 1997 N Monroe, Millie Lucky Ghost 1941 N   Mr. Smith Goes Ghost 1940 Monte, Marlo Soul Vengeance 1975 Y Montgomery, Anthony Leprechaun in the Hood 2000 N Montgomery, Frecerick Ax ’em 1993 Y Moody, Desmond Street Tales of Terror 2004 N Moody, Lynne Evil, The 1978   Scream, Blacula, Scream 1973 Y   White Dog 1982 N Moore, Charles R. Black Moon 1934 N   Calling Mr. Death 1943   Son of Dracula 1943 N Moore, Eulabelle Horror of Party Beach, The 1964 N Moore, Juanita Abby 1974 N Moore, Kenya I Know Who Killed Me 2007 N Moore, Melba Def By Temptation 1990 N Moore, Rome Zombie Strippers 2008 Y Moore, Rudy Ray It Came From Trafalgar 2005   Petey Wheatstraw 1978 Y   Vampire Assassins 2005   Violent New Breed 1996 Moore, Shay Sorority House Vampires from Hell 1998 N Moore, Shenita Demon Under Glass 2002 Y Moore, Toyia Lost Girl Society, The 2004   Mooring, Jeff First Power, The 1990 N Moreland, Mantan Feathered Serpent, The 1948   King of the Zombies 1941 N   Lucky Ghost 1941 N   Meeting at Midnight 1944 N   Revenge of the Zombies 1943   Spider Baby 1968 Y   Strange Case of Doctor Rx 1942   Up in the Air 1940 N Morris, Alex Monster Hunter, The 1999 N Morris, Earle Son of Ingagi 1940 Y Morris, Garrett Children of the Night 1991 N   Severed Ties 1982   Stuff, The 1985 Y Morris, Phil Abominable 2006 N   Devil in the Flesh 1998   Morris, Victor Black Circle Boys 1997 N Morrison, Ernest Ape Man, The 1943 N   Boys of the City 1940 N   Ghosts on the Loose 1943 N   Haunted Spooks 1920 N   Spooks Run Wild 1941 N Morro, Okezie Antisocial Behaviour 2007 N Morrow, Mari Children of the Corn III 1995 N   Virtuosity 1995 Morton, Joe Astronaut’s Wife 1999 Y   Killing Hour, The 1982 N   Lost Platoon, The 1989   What Lies Beneath 2000 N Mos Def Island of the Dead 2000 Y Moses, Jonathan David Scared to Death 1981 N Mosley, Irvin Jr. House of 1000 Corpses 2003 N Moss, Edward Scary Movie 3 2003     Scary Movie 4 2006 Y Motlosi, Kgmotoso Primeval 2007 Y Moulden, Prentiss Possession of Nurse Sherri, The 1977 N Mowry, Tamera Hollywood Horror 2006 Mowry, Tia Hollywood Horror 2006 Mthembu, Japan Snake Island 2002 Y Muhammad, Brandon J. XCU: Extreme Close Up 2001   Muhammad, Muta’Ali Return of the Jackelope 2006     Stragglers 2004   Mullen, Kenneth E. Embalmer 1996 Y Mumba, Samantha Boy Eats Girl 2005 N   Nailed 2007 N Murphy, Charlie Unearthed 2007 Y Murphy, D-Taylor Ax ’em 1993 N Murphy, Eddie Haunted Mansion, The 2003 N   Vampire in Brooklyn 1995 Y Murphy, Shunquial Exorcism: The Possesssion of Gail Bowers 2006 Y Muse, Clarence Black Moon 1934 N   Invisible Ghost 1941 N   Soul of a Monster 1944   White Zombie 1932 N Mutambirwa, Garikayi Bones 2001 Y   Jeepers Creepers II 2003 N   They Are Among Us 2004 N Mvelase, Mike Shark Attack 1999 Y Mwapachu, Hamadi Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist 2005   Mya Cursed 2005 Y


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