Wednesday, May 22, 2024

1950s Horror Movies Featuring Black Characters

1954: Serpent Island

1955: Mau-Mau

1957: The Disembodied

1957: Voodoo Woman

1957: Yambaó (AKA Cry of the Bewitched AKA Young and Evil)

1957: Zombies of Mora Tau

1958: The Bride and the Beast

1958: How to Make a Monster

1958: Monster From Green Hell

1958: Voodoo Village (AKA Sorcerers’ Village)

1959: The Alligator People

1959: The Killer Shrews

1960s Horror Movies Featuring Black Characters

1960: The Leech Woman

1960: Macumba Love

1961: The Dead One (AKA Blood of the Zombie)

1961: Konga

1962: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

1964: I Eat Your Skin

1964: Cave of the Living Dead

1964: Children of the Damned

1964: The Horror of Party Beach

1965: Curse of the Voodoo (AKA Curse of Simba)

1965: Doctor Terror’s House of Horrors

1966: Africa Addio (AKA Africa Blood and Guts)

1966: Plague of the Zombies

1966: Naked Evil

1966: The Witches

1967: Spider Baby

1968: Curse of the Swamp Creature

1968: King of Kong Island

1968: Night of the Living Dead

1968: The Rape of the Vampire

1969: Africa Segreta

1969: The Mad Room

1969: The Mighty Gorga

1969: Night Gallery

1969: The Oblong Box

1969: Venus in Furs (AKA Paroxismus)