What New Horror Movies Come Out This Week?

New Horror/Suspense Films and TV Shows in Theaters, on Demand and on DVD/Blu-ray

Week of July 7-13:

1. The Blue Rose

The Blue Rose

Release: Theatrical (Limited)/On Demand
A genre-bending surrealist noir set in the 1950s, THE BLUE ROSE follows the one-night journey of two rookie detectives as they set out to solve a seemingly clear-cut homicide, only to find themselves in an alternate reality of their worst nightmares.

2. Dead Whisper

Dead Whisper

Release: On Demand
Samuel Dunning stars as Elliot Campbell, a Cape Cod lawyer and grieving father. When Elliot boards a ferry on business, he is redirected to a nightmarish island off the coast. There, a demonic entity offers him a reunion with his dead daughter, but at the peril of his soul. Dead Whisper is a chilling tale of grief, temptation, and the lengths we will go to see a loved one once more.

3. The Exorcism

The Exorcism

Release: On Demand
Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe stars as Anthony Miller, a troubled actor who begins to unravel while shooting a supernatural horror film. His estranged daughter, Lee (Ryan Simpkins), wonders if he’s slipping back into his past addictions or if there’s something more sinister at play. The film also stars Sam Worthington, Chloe Bailey, Adam Goldberg and David Hyde Pierce.

4. Exposure


Release: On Demand
A traumatized man is convinced someone is trying to poison him, so his skeptical wife forces him to face his nightmares head-on with exposure therapy.

5. The Inheritance

The Inheritance

Release: Theatrical (Limited)/On Demand
On the eve of his 75th birthday, billionaire Charles Abernathy invites his estranged children back home out of fear that tonight someone or something is going to kill him. He puts each of their inheritances on the line, to ensure they’ll help keep him alive.

6. Latency


Release: On Demand
When Hana (Sasha Luss), a professional gamer who suffers from acute agoraphobia, is asked to trial sophisticated new gaming equipment which uses AI to interpret the electrical activity of her brain, she sees an opportunity to enhance her game. As Hana and her best friend Jen (Alexis Ren) experiment with this new technology, the line between reality and Hana’s subconscious quickly begins to blur and she starts to wonder if the device is helping her or serving a more sinister force.

7. Longlegs


Release: Theatrical (Wide)
In pursuit of a serial killer, an FBI agent uncovers a series of occult clues that she must solve to end his terrifying killing spree. Maika Monroe, Nicolas Cage, Blair Underwood and Alicia Witt star.

8. Lumina


Release: Theatrical (Limited)
Lumina follows four friends desperately searching for their abductee friend in a DUMB — DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE. Whether they find their friend or not, what they find in the desert of the US to the sands of the Sahara, will change their lives forever. After being hunted by alien menaces, tracked by the government, and chased by lights in the sky, they quickly realize that they have gotten themselves in too deep.

9. Population Purge

Population Purge

Release: On Demand
A government program poisons millions. An immune grandfather-granddaughter duo survive, hunted by ruthless scalpers and an official determined to save his son, leading to a fight for survival amidst the chaos.

10. Project Silence

Project Silence

Release: Theatrical (Limited)
Due to sudden deteriorating weather conditions, visibility on the Airport Bridge is severely impaired, leaving people stranded and at risk of the bridge collapsing due to a series of chain collisions and explosions. Amidst the chaos, the canine subjects “Echo” from the military experiment “Project Silence,” who were being transported in secret, break free, and all human survivors become targets of relentless attacks.

11. Thine Ears Shall Bleed

Thine Ears Shall Bleed

Release: On Demand
In the 1860’s American West, a minister and his family are traveling in a covered wagon when they hear a mysterious sound from the woods. Believing the sound to be God, they worship it, until they realize the sound is something much darker.

12. Abigail


After a group of would-be criminals kidnap the 12-year-old ballerina daughter of a powerful underworld figure, all they have to do to collect a $50 million ransom is watch the girl overnight. In an isolated mansion, the captors start to dwindle, one by one, and they discover, to their mounting horror, that they’re locked inside with no normal little girl.

13. Bigfoot Exorcist

Bigfoot Exorcist

A demonic cult has summoned the ultimate beast, Bigfoot, to prowl the mountains and slaughter innocent victims. But when Claude is attacked by the creature, the curse of Bigfoot is passed down to him. Now Claude turns into a hairy, fanged beast at night, thirsty for warm blood. Only the power of a nun trained in exorcism can hope to set Claude free from this nightmare.

14. Crocodile


When Mother Nature rebels against humankind for defying her laws, she strikes back with unbelievable fury creating the largest and most savage crocodile on earth… There is a giant crocodile on the loose! Mutating and getting larger possibly because of an atomic explosion, the crocodile’s thirst for blood also grows as it rampages through a small quiet beach town devouring anything in its path. Dr. Akom and Dr. Stromm are on a perfect family vacation, but it takes a tragic turn when three of their loved ones suddenly disappear. When the bodies are found, the two doctors conduct a thorough examination of the remains and discover a killer crocodile is the culprit. Teaming up with Tanaka, a tough and rugged fisherman, Akom and Stromm head out to dangerous open waters to find and destroy the beast once and for all! This killer croc classic, originally filmed in 1978 as Crocodile Fangs (Agowa gongpo), was released in slightly different versions all around the world during its theatrical run.

15. Deer Camp ‘86

Deer Camp ‘86

In the fall of 1986, six friends from Detroit travel north to partake in the annual tradition of deer hunting, but something horrific has been awakened. An ancient spirit seeks vengeance for the death of yet another Native American girl who’s gone missing or been murdered. In an ironic twist, the hunters have become the hunted.

16. Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

In a near-deserted Barcelona-abandoned by those who believe that their end of a serial murder is somehow inevitable-beautiful model Gim (a debuting Teresa Gimpera) is willing to stay and tempt fate. However, her search for boyfriend Alvaro (Alberto Dalbés) might not bring the safety she seeks. Surreal and artsy psychological thriller from director Vicente Aranda co-stars Marianne Benet, Marcos Martí, Antonio Ferrandis, Antonio Casas.

17. The Frontrooms

The Frontrooms

A workaholic with no time for anybody suddenly find himself trapped in his office. Leaving work one night, he quickly discovers that he can’t find the front door. His phone stops working, and eventually disappears. None of the other phones in the office work. As time goes on, he starts to hear things and realizes he’s not alone in a place from which there is no escape. Inspired by Creepypasta tales, Backrooms lore and internet urban legends.

18. Ghoulies II 4K

Ghoulies II 4K

The demonic, toilet-dwelling goblins are back! Stowed away in “Satan’s Den,” the traveling House of Horror operated by carnival workers Larry and Uncle Ned, the Ghoulies merrily devour the sideshow attraction’s patrons… until Larry realizes his horror house is for real and tries to flee the scene! Deliciously outrageous special effects and over-the-top antics ratchet up the horrific fun!

19. Off Balance

Off Balance

The Phantom of Death Has Risen! When a mysterious disease befalls young, virtuosic pianist Robert Dominici (Michael York), he begins a violent, murderous rampage taunting authorities with his whereabouts. As Robert’s brain and body rapidly decay, Inspector Datti (Donald Pleasence) must race to find him before he kills again! Directed by Ruggero Deodato, co-starring Edwige Fenech and Giovanni Lombardo Radice, with Special Effects by Dino Galiano, Off Balance (also known as Phantom of Death / Un Delitto Poco Comune) is an ’80s Giallo-infused, carnal ride of violence and body-horror seen through the mind of a genius driven mad by a cruel and unstoppable disease.

20. Ostermontag


A twisted tale of obsession and mistaken identity unravels with shocking consequences. Heiko, consumed by his unreciprocated love for one of his stepsisters, is unknowingly entangled with her twin, Nicole, in a deadly game of deception. His growing confusion and frustration lead to a catastrophic error: the accidental murder of the wrong sister. Years later, Heiko, haunted by his past, lures who he believes to be Nicole under false pretenses, igniting a chain of violent and grotesque events of staggering proportions. This world-first edition is not only presented completely uncut and uncensored, but also includes all three cuts of the film: the director´s BRAIN DAMAGE (2016), and the highly sought-after original versions, OSTERMONTAG (1993) and OSTERMONTAG 2 (1993).

21. Sex Apocalypse

Sex Apocalypse

Having availed themselves of a luxurious villa while the owner was out of town, a quintet of degenerate criminals start in on their next score-the abduction and ransom of a millionaire’s teenage daughter. Observing their captive’s beauty and inexperience, the pack’s female members (Lina Romay, Ajita Wilson) decide to indoctrinate her in perversion… but the tables are about to get turned, in this slice of Eurosleaze from director Carlos Aured.

22. Tarot


When a group of friends recklessly violates the sacred rule of Tarot readings – never use someone else’s deck – they unknowingly unleash an unspeakable evil trapped within the cursed cards. One by one, they come face to face with fate and end up in a race against death to escape the future foretold in their readings.

23. Turbulence 4K

Turbulence 4K

Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Lauren Holly (Dumb and Dumber) and Brendan Gleeson (In Bruges) face off at 35,000 feet above sea level in the high-impact action-thriller Turbulence. A handful of last-minute Christmas Eve passengers are boarding a flight from New York to Los Angeles that will change their lives forever…if they survive. For flight attendant Teri Halloran (Holly), it’s just another plane ride from coast to coast—with only one difference. This time they’ll be carrying two very special passengers—an armed robber named Stubbs (Gleeson) and a seductive serial killer called Ryan Weaver (Liotta)—both handcuffed, shackled and escorted by top security agents. But when Stubbs slaughters one of his escorts and manages to break free, the balance of power suddenly changes hands. Now the cool and intelligent psychopath Ryan Weaver controls the plane, and the lives of every passenger and flight attendant on it. With the massive 747 heading into a severe storm, the danger from outside is almost as deadly as the danger within. The storm could kill you—but Weaver will make you suffer first.