Thursday, July 25, 2024

Tag: 1990s

Frankenhunter Queen of the Porno Zombies movie poster
In an effort to present you with the most comprehensive coverage possible of horror movies with black significance, I stepped out of my normally moralistic ivory tower and degraded myself by renting a pornographic film. Of course, having never seen a porno before (ahem), I wasn't sure what to...
Mario Van Peebles in Full Eclipse horror movie poster
Mario Van Peebles parlayed the success of theatrical releases New Jack City and Posse into...a made-for-cable werewolf movie? Maybe he was biding his time waiting for Jaws V: I'm Not Quite Dead Yet. Anyway, as silly as the premise of Full Eclipse as silly as the movie actually...
The Green Mile movie poster
Sure, The Green Mile isn't a horror movie, but it is based on a Stephen King book, and it is quite horrific in its own way. Check out my detailed analysis here.