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Zombiez (2005)

Zombiez horror movie
This movie is so half-assed...I can't even finish the sentence. It's wretched enough that I can see...

Cryptz (2002)

Cryptz horror movie poster
Essentially an "urban" version of From Dusk Till Dawn or Vamp, Cryptz revolves around a strip club...

Africa Addio (AKA Africa Blood and Guts) (1966)

Africa Addio (AKA Africa Blood and Guts) movie poster
Shockumentary, or "mondo", films are trash. There, I said it. Some people love their sleaziness, some (I'd...

Welcome to our relaunch of, the definitive resource on African-American actors in horror movies. COMING SOON: Horror movie trivia quizzes and user reviews.  Stay tuned!