Friday, November 22, 2019

Tag: Christianity

Angel Heart
Remember when the most controversial thing about the cast of The Cosby Show was Lisa Bonet's sex scene in Angel Heart? Ah, the good ol' days. The year was 1987, and the Huxtables were America's family, but their facade of upper-middle-class sitcom perfection took a hit when word came that...
Ghetto Goblin (Blood Tokoloshe)
I've seen a few African horror movies, but mostly they've been moderately budgeted, relatively mainstream efforts from white filmmakers with primarily white casts, like Richard Stanley's Dust Devil. I'm thus by no means an expert on the continent's horror offerings, but my sense is there have been quite a...
But Deliver Us From Evil
Christianity and horror make for strange bedfellows. Edgy horror movies and wholesome faith-based films, after all, pretty much occupy opposite ends of the cinematic spectrum. Sure, demonic possession movi