Thursday, September 29, 2016

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The Trap Door (2011) / Death’s Door (2015)

Death's Door The Trap Door horror movie
According to IMDb, African-American writer-director Kennedy Goldsby has five feature films to his credit, but in reality,...

Scary or Die (2012)

Scary or Die horror movie
Propelled by the likes of Trick 'r Treat and the V/H/S and ABCs of Death series, horror...

My Boo (2013)

My Boo horror movie
Watching My Boo, I couldn't help but secretly wish it was the most elaborate Running Man Challenge...

Unsullied (2015)

Unsullied movie poster
It's not terribly unusual for a former professional athlete to enter the movie business, but it's typically...

Initiation (2016)

Initiation movie
Initiation is more action-thriller than horror, but if 2013's captive-women-forced-to-fight film Raze can be considered horror by...

The Ghost of Saint Aubin (2013)

The Ghost of Saint Aubin movie
Its title a bit of a misnomer, The Ghost of Saint Aubin doesn’t feature traditional, literal ghosts...

The Night Seekers (2016)

horror movie The Night Seekers
The Night Seekers is one of those movies that’s so spectacularly bad, I'd need to review the...

Zoombies (2016)

Zoombies horror movie
It should go without saying that my expectations for a movie about zombie zoo animals were pretty...

Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night (2012)

Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night horror movie
David DeCoteau is a 30-plus-year veteran of the cheesy schlock horror filmmaking circuit, but his specialty since...

Don’t Look in the Basement (AKA The Forgotten) (1973)

Don’t Look in the Basement (AKA The Forgotten) (1973)
In terms of racial resonance, Don’t Look in the Basement is sort of like the underachieving little...

The Inheritance (2011)

The Inheritance horror movie
Watching The Inheritance, it’s hard not to think of it as an Afro-centric spin on the classic...

Apartment 4E (2013)

Apartment 4E movie
Seriously, who holds movie distributors responsible for the misleading nature of their posters and video cover art?...
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