Monday, December 4, 2023

Tag: supernatural

The Skeleton Key horror movie poster Kate Hudson voodoo hoodoo
The Skeleton Key is one of those movies that uses a white lead character to explore an aspect of black culture while most of the black characters remain peripheral -- sort of like a supernatural A Time to Kill, or Breakin' with hate crimes. Thus, I was a bit...
The Green Mile movie poster
Sure, The Green Mile isn't a horror movie, but it is based on a Stephen King book, and it is quite horrific in its own way. Check out my detailed analysis here.
Guardian Mario Van Peebles movie
Although Guardian is more of a supernatural thriller (and really, what movie starring Mario Van Peebles isn't a thriller?) than a horror movie, you could make a valid claim that Van Peebles's hair is pretty damn scary. (Black men should not have bangs.) It shouldn't be confused with the '90s...