London Voodoo (2004)

The spirit of an African female warrior from the 1800s who was killed for falling in love with a white French warrior — and is thus condemned to always seek love unsuccessfully (Why? Because the screenwriter says so.) — possesses a white woman and makes her crazy…crazy horny, that is. Out of nowhere, a bunch of black voodoo folk show up, offering to help (one man dying in the process) just because, as one woman puts it, “I believe in love.” WTF??? The “mystical darkies” barely get any back story — or even character names (I had to listen to the DVD commentary just to figure out who the actors are.). London Voodoo doesn’t have as over the top in its representation of voodoo as Serpent and the Rainbow or Angel Heart…meaning that it’s hella dull.

Frank reacts to the cancellation of Casual Fridays.
“I’ll just lie here a while.”


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