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Mark Harris has been a horror fan for over 20 years, and started the website in 2005. As a freelance writer since 2003, he has written for publications such as,, Napster, THEiNDI Magazine, and Ugly Planet, as well as the head writer for the Chicago-based horror television show Midnite Screams. He has been a member of the Online Film Critics Society since 2009 and currently has over 400 horror movies in his Netflix queue.
Let’s Scare Julie

Let’s Scare Julie (2020)

Watching Let’s Scare Julie made me think about black folks’ frequent complaint about Black History Month being relegated to the short, crappy month that is February. Along those same...
Sissy horror movie

Sissy (2022)

I’ve never really contemplated the existence of black, non-indigenous people in Australia, especially those who didn’t recently emigrate from Africa, but if Sissy is any indication, there are at...

Beast (2022)

In 2012, Liam Neeson made cinematic history by punching wolves in the face in The Grey. A decade later, in Beast, Idris Elba tells Neeson to hold his beer...

Saloum (2022)

While American horror movies from Black creatives have gained a reputation in recent years (thanks in no small part to Jordan Peele) for incorporating racial and social commentary, the...
Scared to Death

Scared to Death (1980)

Ostensibly a forgettable creature feature, Scared to Death is noteworthy as an egregious case of W.M.H.S. (White Male Hero Syndrome). That’s when an otherwise bland, unlikable, undeserving character is...
Day Shift

Day Shift (2022)

I have selfish reasons for wanting to see Day Shift. Yeah, it’s a movie about a black vampire hunter and all, but it was also filmed in my stomping...

Nope (2022)

*OBLIGATORY SPOILER WARNING* With the release of Jordan Peele’s eagerly anticipated third film, Nope, it’s fair to say that his filmmaking style has been established. A Peelian movie is horror-skewed...
Blackstock Boneyard

Blackstock Boneyard (2021)

I feel like at one point, Blackstock Boneyard’s intention was to be taken seriously. Marketed as being "in the tradition of Candyman," it was originally titled Rightful, which sounds...
Good Madam

Good Madam (2022)

In the US, Black domestic servitude still conjures antiquated images of Hattie McDaniel and Butterfly McQueen birthin' babies and whatnot, a concept that is, as they say, gone with...
The Summoned

The Summoned (2022)

The Summoned is well-made but by-the-numbers horror fare that relies on well-worn genre tropes -- the isolated location, the mysterious and most likely malevolent host, the creepy stranger who...