Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)

Years before the Leprechaun went to the ‘hood, those grain-loving, devil-worshiping kids decided to trek to the city to sample some dark meat. In this third edition of the series, evil Eli and his brother, not-so-evil Joshua, get adopted by some big city folk after their father mysteriously, um, “disappears” (Clue #1). While Joshua makes friends (and one enemy in the ridiculous bully T-Loc) with the local darkies, evil Eli plants an evil corn patch (Clue #2) in the abandoned lot next door, which he uses to grow evil corn that evilly makes all the kids at school evil. Children of the Corn III has some inventive, gruesome special effects, but its overall appeal is decidedly campy (aided by the dated Cross Colours wardrobe). Still, it has earned a place in black horror history as having perhaps the highest black body count of any non-all-black (“urban”) film — six, by my count. Congratulations on your genocide!

White men can’t dress.
Shabba Ranks meant business.
Our Lady of the Creepy Eyes
“We shouldn’t have done that.”
The Quaker Oats Boy had no “J”.
 The Cosby Kids weren’t so tough without Fat Albert.


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