I Eat Your Skin (1964)

Cheesy white playboy author Tom Harris (William Joyce) comes to a Caribbean island to research the existence of voodoo, zombies, and virgins. He chases away a tall, lanky, Darby Jones-like black zombie who has the gall to ogle a white woman (Heather “Love” Hewitt) swimming in a river. Luckily, he manages to direct the zombie’s ire toward a Latino peasant, who takes one for the team.

Our “hero” runs into another white man, Charles Bentley (Walter McCoy), who is searching for the “killer,” stating: “We have to get to him before his own people do…You see, Mr. Harris, these are very simple people. They understand only that deed, not the cause. Deranged mind, a homicidal maniac, it’s quite beyond their comprehension.” Colonial racial hierarchy is in full effect: all of the helpers are black and Latino (although it’s funny to see the very white extras filling in the background in group scenes of supposedly black and/or Latino villagers).

Seems the zombies are controlled by local natives who believe that the key to curing a disease is to sacrifice a blonde virgin (because when their ancestors had killed a white doctor’s daughter back in the day, the sick chief’s son was healed — although what really healed him was the doctor’s treatment…Stupid natives!). Turns out that Bentley is the masked voodoo priest guy getting the locals to do his bidding. Stupid natives! So, our heroes deal with the situation as any red-blooded American would: they blow up the island.

Note: any actual skin eating in I Eat Your Skin is purely coincidental and/or a figment of the viewers’ imagination.

Those evil, evil natives.
“Kids: deep-fryers aren’t toys, no matter what Timmy says.”
“You said you’d call…”
“Who wants white meat?”


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