Creepshow 2 (1987)

The third of the three tales in this Stephen King-George Romero-penned anthology, “The Hitchhiker,” is probably the most memorable (although the blob thingee in “The Raft” isn’t bad) and features black character actor Tom Wright as the, um…oh yeah, hitchhiker. He’s accidentally run over by a philandering woman (Lois Chiles), who doesn’t seem to realize that the remedy to committing a sin in a horror movie (infidelity) isn’t committing another one (vehicular manslaughter), or another two (vehicular manslaughter and hit ‘n run).

It takes more than a lousy car to keep a brother down, though; you need an Escalade or something, preferably with chrome rims. And since this was 1987, that wasn’t happening. So, the hitcher returns from the dead more times than Tupac, bloodier each time the woman runs him over, all the while exclaiming, “Thanks for the ride, lady!” Well, at least he’s polite.

A hitchhiker falls victim to a hit and run in Creepshow 2
“Um…I think I have some Ibuprofen in my car…”
A scene from "The Hitchhiker" in Creepshow 2
“Hello, 911? I have a technological emergency.”
A hitchhiker is the victim of a hit and run in Creepshow 2
“I can make a booger talk.”
A hitchhiker catches a ride in Creepshow 2
Black people have to be resilient when hailing cabs.
A zombie hitchhiker seeks revenge in Creepshow 2
If you can read this, you’re too close.


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