Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

The third Friday the 13th is noteworthy to most fans as the film in which undead serial killer Jason Vorhees first dons his trademark hockey mask, but for me, it’s just as memorable for featuring the first (but certainly not the last) black victims in the long and storied horror movie franchise. As for the characters themselves, they’re profoundly disposable: biker gang members dressed as extras from The Warriors. This’ll teach you not to wear your helmet!

Bonus: one of the black victims, Ali (Nick Savage), delivers a “heroic death,” sacrificing himself to divert Jason’s attention away from “final girl” Chris, allowing her to bury an axe in the killer’s head.

“Oh darnit,” Jason thought, “I shoulda used the hoe on her… Hoe. That woulda been funny.”
“Whoa…gnarly… You got any Funyuns?”


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