Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985)

With the most significant black presence in any of the series, Friday the 13th Part V is also, sadly, the one that forgoes Jason for a Jason-wannabe who dresses as the famed killer. It’s sort of like being shafted with the shortest month of the year for Black History Month. And instead of getting a big star like Gary Coleman, we get Dudley (Shavar Ross). Oh well, at least it wasn’t the Gooch. The oft-expendable Miguel Nunez, Jr. plays Ross’s older brother, Demon…Yes, Demon…and he lasts about as long as a ham sandwich, as do the other two black cast members. Ross, though, is the rare black “final boy,” as it were, who plays no small part in doing in Jason Lite.

“Hi kids! I’ll be dead soon.”
“Told ya.”
It’s good to see that Mary Kay Letourneau has moved on with her life.
Don’t move…I think there’s a tribble on your head.
“I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that stake.”


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