Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

While Chucky never succeeding in becoming a “bro” in Child’s Play 3, for a brief period in time, Jason Vorhees was a black man. In a shark-, whale- and sea horse-jumping plot wrinkle, Jason’s immortality is explained in Jason Goes to Hell as his being an evil worm-like entity (!) who jumps from body to body — although why he never did so in the previous, oh, eight movies is anyone’s guess.

The film begins with the police finally investigating why, like, 800 people have turned up dead at Camp Crystal Lake over the past decade. They set a trap for Jason (which for some reason involves a female cop getting naked) and when he shows up, they fill him more lead than Detroit’s water supply. When the body is taken to the morgue, Jason ends up possessing the coroner (character actor Richard Gant) and voila, instant street cred!

The coroner picks up where Jason left off, slaughtering a few teens — including one of the most gruesome, “side-splitting” kills in the history of the series — before he wears his body out and Jason switches to another. Even after Jason dumps the body, though, a black man features prominently in the story. Sadistic bounty hunter Creighton Duke (Steven Williams, in one of the lone bright spots in the film) conveniently knows exactly how to kill Jason, and he teams up with Jason’s niece Jessica (Kari Keegan) to send him to Hell. The creators of this ridiculous plot almost certainly have a spot reserved for them there already.

The secret ingredient in Pete’s barbeque sauce? Ebola.
My therapist warned me about dreams like this.
“Yes, I’m sure it’s very firm, but I’m just not into that.”
“What’d you say about the Gap Band?”


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