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Black Links

20 Best African-American Horror Movies

20 Horror Movies About Race Relations

A Cinema Apart

African-American Horror Movies 101

Black Action Tees

Black Dude Dies First: Television Tropes & Idioms

Black Hollywood Education & Resource Center

Black Horror Movies and Their Greater Social Impact

Black People Love Us!

Blaxploitation Pride

Chester Novell Turner article: Horror Director’s Career Back from the Dead

The Color of Fear: Pondering Horror’s Racial Divide

EURWeb Entertainment News

First To Die: Evil Dead and Blackness in Horror

Fuck Yeah Savage Sistas

Graveyard Shift Sisters

Halloween Treats: Blacula and Other Horror Classics (interview I did for NPR)

Horror Noire: Blacks in American Horror Films from the 1890s to Present (with a thanks to yours truly in the Acknowledgments section)

How ‘Tales From the Hood’ Went From Cult Hit to Hardcore Halloween Classic

Indiana University Black Film Center/Archive

The Internet Black Pages

Invisible Universe: A History of Blackness in Speculative Fiction

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia

Mantan Moreland: An Early Zombie Comic Genius

Midnight Ramble: The Negro in Early Hollywood

Museum of Black Superheroes

Museum of Uncut Funk

Not Gonna Make It

Separate Cinema

Serpent and the Rainbow props for sale

Sisters in Cinema

Slinking Through the Seventies: An Interview with Marlene Clark

The Unfair Racial Cliche Alert

Why Black Heroes Make Zombie Stories More Interesting

General Horror Links

British Horror Films – Horror

Dead Central history of horror movies

Full Moon Direct

Horror Asylum

Horror Society

Maverick Entertainment

Monsters a Go-Go

Night of the Living Podcast

Oh My Gore!!

Rotten Cotton

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