Lucky Ghost (1942)

An all-black horror comedy starring Mantan Moreland and sometimes partner (and straight man) F.E. Miller, Lucky Ghost is amusing low-brow fare that exploits the more base, stereotypical elements of old-time black life (chicken thievin’, gamblin’, runnin’ from ghosteses) for laughs — sort of like the BET of its day. Mantan and Miller win a house-cum-casino in a craps game, only to discover that the deceased former owners aren’t too pleased that their old home is being used for “jitterbugging, jiving, and hullaballooing.” I hate hullaballooing. The ghosts decide to scare everyone off by opening doors and windows, pulling out chairs, even playing the drums. For some reason, a couple of them appear as skeletons — I suppose to heighten the spookiness of it all, although they only appear in the last 5 minutes of the film.

13 Ghosts…er, minus 8
Mantan taught Tracee Ellis Ross all she knows about the crazy eye.
“I can’t believe it’s not butter!”
Martin Lawrence’s pitch for Black Knight 2 failed miserably.


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