Motor Home Massacre (2005)

At the risk of ruining this movie (Then again, it’s called Motor Home Massacre; can it be ruined any more than it already is?) by revealing the identity of the killer, this otherwise nondescript horror movie distinguishes itself by being *SPOILER ALERT* one of the rare (the first?) non-all-black slashers to feature a black female killer.

Of course, for most of the film, she’s disguised under a mask and parka, but when it’s revealed that Nicole (Tanya Fraser) is the culprit, it’s no big surprise — given the killer’s penchant for craning her neck and wagging her finger like, “Oh no he di-uhnt” after each kill. (Not really, but that would’ve been only slightly more obvious.)

All of the actresses in Motor Home Massacre, Fraser included, appear to have gotten their parts for one reason…Make that TWO reasons. Boooiiiiiing. That said, their “talents” remain oddly under wraps for much of the movie. Even with the mediocre T&A, the terrible acting and the erratic direction, there are moments of intentional silliness in the script that aren’t without their charm (see the super-deluxe twist ending that I won’t reveal). If it does nothing else, Motor Home Massacre realizes that if you’re gonna make a crappy horror movie, you can’t take yourself too seriously. Boooiiiiiing.

The biggest boob of all.


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