Necronomicon: Book of the Dead (1994)

The third and final tale in this gory H.P. Lovecraft-inspired horror anthology is intriguing in that it revolves around an interracial couple in Sarah (Signy Coleman) and Paul (the fun-to-say Obba Babatunde). They’re partners on the Philadelphia police force, and apparently Paul’s been slipping Sarah his nightstick, because she comes up pregnant. Race is never mentioned as an issue, but for some reason, she’s considering an abortion (maybe she just doesn’t want a little Babatunde).

She discusses it with Paul at the most inopportune moment — when they’re in hot pursuit of a serial killer — and not surprisingly, they crash their car. The killer pulls Paul out of the wreckage and takes him to his underground lair, because what kind of serial killer would he be without an underground lair? Sarah, using Hollywood logic, goes after him without any backup. What results is confusing, ridiculous, and pretty vile, yet still watchable with some sort of moral about not having an abortion…or not dating white women.

“Dispatch, would you tell this trick not to drive so damn fast?”
“10-4, dispatch, would you tell this nutrag to grow a pair?”
Lipstick and Tourettes: a dangerous combination.
Wendy always told Todd he should be more open-minded.


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