Predator (1987)

In this sci fi-action-horror classic, not only are there two black members (Carl Weathers and the perpetually sweaty Bill Duke) in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s team sent to the Central American jungle to die — er, I mean to rescue some kidnapped airmen — but the alien Predator who wipes them out is played by none other than the Black Horror Hall of Fame‘s 7-foot, 2-inch tall Kevin Peter Hall, who would later play a supporting role in the TV show 227 [insert Jackee joke here].

Hall also played the alien in Predator 2 and the monsters in the movies Monster in the Closet, Prophecy, Without Warning and the no less horrific Harry and the Hendersons. As for Predator, Weathers and Duke die valiant, if not overly bright, deaths as they decide to go after the alien themselves while Arnie escapes to rule California with an iron fist.

“As the only black people in this movie, maybe we should find separate hiding places…”
“Why did I get this damn tattoo?”
“Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Arnold?”


  1. You forgot the fact that Bill Duke in this movie is probably gay. Rewatch the scene after Jesse Ventura’s death, where Mac tells Dutch that “he was my… friend…” before looking off in the distance, while Arnold sports a surprised, slightly disgusted look.


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