Ritual (2001)

Ritual feels about as much like a Tales from the Crypt film as Def By Temptation felt like a Troma film — that is, not at all. With barely a hint of the humor or the gore (aside from a grisly opening scene) that marked the excellent Demon Knight and the, er, Dennis Miller-y Bordello of Blood, this restrained and serious-minded third entry in the Crypt series seems like it was made outside of the realm of the Cryptkeeper and, like Def, had the recognizable name slapped on after the fact.

Ritual is actually loosely based on I Walked With a Zombie, which goes a long way to explaining its lack of sensationalism — although really, it ends up feeling like a poor man’s Serpent and the Rainbow. As with both IWWAZ and SATR, a white doctor/scientist-type (Jennifer Grey, whose nose may have shrunk but whose nipples cannot be contained) visits the Caribbean and gets wrapped up in deep voodoo doodoo. Actually, since the film takes place in Jamaica, the term most often used is “obeah,” and while this attention to detail doesn’t necessarily make for great horror, Ritual is one of the most realistic Hollywood showcases of voodoo, obeah, whatever around. There’s also interesting insight into the racial dynamics of the Caribbean plantation system, but hey, is this a horror film or a history book? That said, the decision not to include Patrick Swayze or a Jennifer Warnes ballad is much appreciated.

“Hello, 1986? I found your cell phone.”
“I…had…the time of my liiiife, and I never danced with black people before…”
“It will be my pleasure to bludgeon you.”
“How do these people live? There are hardly any nipples in here!”
“Nobody puts Baby in a four-door.”
The driveway to Neverland was pretty depressing.


  1. This movie is an insult to my culture as a Jamaican. Nothing about this movie represent my country. Stop making a mockory of my country. We don’t work voodoo like that. This movie gives false information about my country. The only truth about this stupid movie is the cuss words

    • Get over it, movies have been making fools of black people since the beginning of time. It should be normal for you that America makes a fool of us all, get used to it


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