Slip (2006)

Imagine if in The Sixth Sense, the ghosts told Haley Joel Osment to avenge their deaths…by any means necessary. I see even more dead people… That’s the basic premise behind Slip, a neat little supernatural action-horror-thriller-buddy cop flick that may be the best thing schlocky Maverick Entertainment has released so far (hardly high praise, but hey, you gotta start somewhere).

Brooding ass-kicker Sarah (Jill Small) is the ghost whisperer, whose latest ghost patient is Parnell (Phillip Jeanmarie), a homeboy with a heart of gold who was — wait for it — wrongfully killed, which raises the question of whether people who are rightfully killed can still get revenge.

Anyway, Parnell was offed by local gangsta Tre (the delightfully despicable Hosea L. Simmons), who mistakenly thought that he and his uncle Cal (Donald Turner) had ripped him off. Parnell must get Sarah (and her shotgun) to save Cal before Tre can get to him, plus get her to clear their names and get revenge to boot. Would you like fries with that?!?

I can’t really tell you what the title means — there are no banana peels to be found, and I’m pretty sure Sarah isn’t wearing an underskirt beneath her jeans — but Slip delivers solid acting, direction and a few thrills (plus a pretty cool shotgun-through-a-gaping-chest-wound shot) despite a modest budget.

“Oh, you WILL wear a skin-tight shirt…”
The annual White Sale on Crenshaw always draws a crowd.
“You won this time, Sudoku, but I shall have my vengeance.”
“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did she fire 48 shots or only 47?'”
Shawn knew it was the driving instructor’s final test, but dammit, it was Colt 45…


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