Soul Vengeance (AKA Welcome Home Brother Charles) (1975)

Soul Vengeance is not generally considered horror, but what else would you call a film in which a guy strangles people with his mutated penis? A helluva good time, that’s what! In this cult film from writer-director Jamaa Fanaka (Penitentiary), Charles (Marlo Monte) is arrested and nearly castrated by a crooked, racist cop, then sent to jail for three years, where he goes mildly insane, emerging with a new sense of clarity on life…oh, and the ability to grow his penis several feet long. He then uses his tool to: 1) hypnotize and seduce the wives of the cop, the prosecutor and the judge who put him away, and 2) strangle said offending honkies. Soul Vengeance falls into the “so bad it’s good” category…or rather, “so bad it’s worth a few laughs”. For maximum benefit, fast-forward through the first hour until the “vengeance” begins.

“Uh, ma’am, my eyes are up here.”
Ed would become the spokesman for IBS awareness.
“‘How’s it hangin’ was just a rhetorical question.”
“This can’t be hygienic!”


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