Vamp (1986)

A fun horror-comedy that could only come from the ’80s, Vamp features Grace Jones, scary enough as a human, as the evil vampire seductress Katrina. Fraternity pledges AJ and Keith (Robert Rusler and Chris Makepeace…Makepeace?) head to the city seeking strippers for their frat’s big bash, only to stumble upon a vampire-run strip club, a full decade before From Dusk Till Dawn‘s Titty Twister.

Turns out pretty much the entire town is overrun with vamps — including black garbage truck driver Julius LeFlore and a pre-Temptation Island Ytossie Patterson as a waitress — and they want to keep their secretive secret a secret, so the boys are on the evening’s menu.

Jones doesn’t have a ton of screen time and barely utters a line throughout the entire film, but as evidenced by the poster, she’s easily the biggest draw, and as the primary villain, she’s hypnotic (and utterly stylish, with more costume changes than an Oscar host), her introductory strip-tease straddling the fine line between high-concept art and campy farce.

A scene from the horror movie Vamp
If you lived here, you’d be dead by now.
A scene from the horror movie Vamp
Twizzlers: Rotting teeth since 1972.
A vampire in the horror movie Vamp
“Tell my wife…I sucked…’til the end….”
A scene from the horror movie Vamp
When hard times hit, the club struggled to meet its neon quota.
Grace Jones in the horror movie Vamp
“Fuck Queen Amidala.”
A scene from the horror movie Vamp
Kirk Cameron was shocked to find that he was left behind.


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