Voodoo Moon (2005)

Man, black people can’t have anything to themselves. First, Elvis stole rock ‘n roll. Then, Eminem nabbed hip-hop, and Miley Cyrus “invented” twerking. Sadly, there were no takers on the Jheri Curl. Now, apparently it’s voodoo’s turn. Eric Maibus, who starred in the third Crow film, plays a similar trench coat-clad cool dude in Voodoo Moon: Cole, voodoo master, white guy.

There’s so much back story in this film — it feels like the series finale of a TV show — that it’s not clear exactly how he came to possess his powers and what he’s been doing with ’em, but it seems he’s been traveling the US using Street Fighter II-type moves to save people from Satan as payback for the devil killing his parents. As the movie starts, Cole is calling in his favors to gather his posse for one last rumble with “the big D.”

The devil, however, begins picking off his crew one by one, including Haitian Jean-Pierre (David Jean Thomas), who taught Cole all he knows. Two other black folk, however — saucy Diana (Kimberly Hawthorne) and biker Dutch (John Amos of Good Times fame) — make it through to fight alongside the Caucasian Conjurer, lending street cred to Cole just like Dr. Dre did for Eminem.

“Thank God for this smoke machine.”
“Black Fonzie likee.”
Now if I can only figure out Ryu’s hurricane kick…
Even sadder than Criss Angel’s death was the fact that no one would toss him a fire extinguisher.


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