Wishmaster (1997) / Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)

Three black characters (most notably played by Tony Todd and Bokeem Woodbine) appear in each of these first two movies in the killer genie Wishmaster franchise. None of them are major, but all of are apparently worth killin’! Six up, six down; pretty impressive, even in this age of black horror genocide. And you can get ’em both on one DVD! The thing about these films, of course, is that in the end, the hero manages to fool the genie into undoing all of the bad things he did throughout the film — so all of the people who die are really alive when the credits roll. But they can’t fool me; one death is enough.

Destiny’s Child didn’t require much from its third member.
Frank’s attempt to become “the ghetto David Blaine” was cut tragically short.
Dissecting a black man is a requirement for graduation at Trump University.
“Omigod! My ring! I lost my ring!…Oh wait, there it is.”


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