Zombies on Broadway (1945)

Zombies on Broadway is an effective spoof of I Walked with a Zombie (with many of the same black cast members) featuring a wannabe Abbot and Costello duo traveling to the same fictitious Caribbean island St. Sebastian as IWWAZ (part Hispanic, part black, all evil) to bring back a zombie for a new zombie-themed night club. Apparently, zombies were the bees’ knees back in the ’40s.

There, they find Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist (Is there any other kind?) seeking to replicate the natives’ voodoo-enabled ability to make the dead walk. He has a bug-eyed “pet” black zombie (the towering, barrel-chested Darby Jones from IWWAZ), who ends up shaking Bela’s hand, thanking him for all the years of captivity, and giving him a little dap. Or maybe he kills him. I forget. Note: Nick Stewart has a small and fairly stereotypical — yet hilariously played — role as a spooked janitor in a museum.

“Now cough.”
Pete has the bright eyes down, but he still had a long way to go for a bushy tail.
“Am I off of ‘time out’ yet?”
“Yo’ mummy so old…”


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