Bloody Murder 2 (2003)

A decent yet otherwise undistinguishable low-budget Friday the 13th rip-off, Bloody Murder 2 does earn some distinction for a conversation between a stock black character named Elvis (Raymond Novarro Smith) and white gal Sophie (Amanda Magarian) regarding the conventions of horror movie deaths:

Elvis: “Everybody knows black guys get it first in horror movies. It’s like Horror Films 101.”

Sophie: “Black guys? What about women? Girls always buy it early in those movies, usually after they show their boobs.”

Elvis: “Yeah, but even so, I still have it worse.”

Sophie: “How do you figure?”

Elvis: “You have some degree of choice of whether to show your boobs or not and to whom. Me, I’m black no matter what I do.”

Perhaps going out of his way to prove a point, Elvis proceeds to get killed, while Sophie keeps her top on and lives. Way to reinforce the status quo!

Cecil was caught making hay with the hay.
“That Ex-Lax and prune shake was sooo not a good idea.”
“Not the nipples!” 
Maria dressed to make the white kids feel more at home.


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