Demons (1985)

One of the most energetic, entertaining and Hollywood-friendly films of the ’70s/’80s Italian horror Renaissance, Demons is also one of the few to feature major black roles, in this case a pimp (Bobby Rhodes) and a hooker (the redundantly named Geretta Geretta). How refreshing! It’s good to know that Italy has stereotypes too.

“Hey, you don’t need hair to have sideburns.”
“Have you tried the gumbo?”
“Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?”
You don’t want to know where that ends up.


  1. I found an interview with Bobby Rhodes a while back, and if I remember right, he said that he was actually born and raised in Italy. Saw this film years ago, and didn’t like the stereotypes either. They’re not really pushed in this film, though.


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