RuPaul’s Trilogy of Terror (1984)

Almost a decade before he became a household name, RuPaul shot this grainy 12-minute underground ode to the tale “Amelia” from the original Trilogy of Terror. This time, though, the star is black, the doll is white, and the penis quotient is exponentially greater. The film begins with RuPaul — in drag, though not for long — receiving a delivery. He opens the box to find a copy of the painting The Blue Boy from his mom. “Mom, you’re just so good to me,” he exclaims to no one in particular, revealing a much healthier relationship with his mother than Amelia had with hers.

He then proceeds to take a bath, revealing a much healthier derriere than Amelia had with hers. When his mom calls to make sure he received the present, RuPaul notices that the picture has mysteriously turned into a Blue Boy figurine. The next thing he knows, the doll has disappeared and reappears in her tub — but larger! (If there was dramatic music, this is where it would be cued.) RuPaul screams for, oh, about 120 seconds straight, pauses briefly, then continues for the rest of the movie. At some point, RuPaul’s robe comes off, and the screams of terror turn into squeals of joy as the film enters semi-pornographic Black Devil Doll from Hell territory. Those with delicate constitutions, be warned.

Wow, Heather Hunter sure is…tall.
Jesus is watching you…DIE!
Do I need to go any further?
…No, seriously. Do I?


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